Why You Need To Invest In Loafers?

If there is something you shouldn’t feel guilty of investing in it is loafers. Classic and elegant it is one of the most stylish shoes you can have in your wardrobe. With men loafers online you can find them in a large assortment of colours, materials and designs. Besides loafer shoes are extremely versatile. They can be easily dressed up or down according to the need and occasion. Featuring a lace-less style and slight heel they can be worn to both formal and casual occasions. Some of the most common styles of loafers are:

  • The Penny Loafer

A classic addition to your existing footwear collection, the penny loafer is both perfect for a minimal and elegant look. It’s simple style and adaptability makes it a favourite for men of all ages. Also, you can easily slip them on and off thus making them your go-to shoe. Available in leather and suede they are perfect for a smart casual look. Get them in colours such as black, brown or burgundy and wear them with jeans, shorts, chinos or suits etc. for an elegant look and feel.

  • Tassel Loafer

Another important pair of footwear to own, tassel loafers are extremely stylish. Offering a clean and simple look it features a single tassel on each shoe thereby adding to its aesthetic charm and beauty. Get them in suede or leather and team them with chinos or business suits for a dapper and stylish look. They can be found in different colours such as beige, brown, navy and khaki etc.

  • Belgian Loafer

Belgian loafer is another great pair of loafer to have in your footwear collection. Featuring a soft sole construction it also has a small bow that lends it a clean and elegant look. If you want to have a dressy look, Belgian loafers are the one you should opt for.

Having at least one pair of loafers is a must have in every stylish man’s wardrobe. While there are different colours and styles available when it comes to buying men loafer online you can always find one to satisfy your distinct taste and style. They are similar to moccasins but obviously not the same thing. One great thing about loafers is that they are versatile and can be worn to a number of situations from everyday casual wear to formal settings. They are usually flat but you can also find some dressier version featuring heels for an elegant and sophisticated look. Shopping for loafers is easy. All you need is to put some thought into your lifestyle and personal taste and style.

For instance if you think of yourself more of a casual person who is not very fond of dressing up you should choose a loafer with a casual look and feel. However, if you are someone who loves dressing up or has a job that requires you to be dressed up all the time you should choose a loafer with a formal touch to it. It is always good to opt for a neutral colour so that you can easily match it with different outfits and look your fashionable best all the time. Also, getting a proper size is very important when buying loafers. Always make sure that it fits you properly and is not too tight or lose to master the sophisticated and stylish look.