Why Are T-Shirts So Versatile?

The one staple in everyone’s closet must be a t-shirt. You can dress it up or you can dress it down. The t-shirt is the one item you know you can wear anywhere and at any time. This is because the fashion item is more of a foundation cloth now. You must already have so many t-shirts in your house and this is why it is important to know when and how you can wear them to get maximum use out of them.

Most people will just wear their t-shirts on a daily basis in the house and not really give much thought to how it can be worn outside or use it to make a full look. A t-shirt can be the ideal item to vamp up your wardrobe. There is a simple guide on how to shop for t-shirts for them to make statements in your everyday fashion.

Rule of 3

If you are not a very big fan of t-shirts then here is a clear way to shop for them. Use the rule of 3. This is staple for any fashion savvy lad when it comes to fashion. This rule states that when you are adding items to your wardrobe you should do so in threes.

That means buy 3 t-shirts. One in a neutral plain color, one with a graphic design or pattern but still in a neutral color and one in a color that compliments the other clothes in your wardrobe but is not neutral.

Foundation Clothes

These are the items that you can build any look based on them. T-shirts are a fashionable man’s staple. This is why you need to buy yourself some plain tees. These means that while the graphic t-shirts would be nice they need to be even better by giving you more options when it comes to the number of clothes you can wear with it.

Dress It Up or Down

T-shirts are the basic definition of casual in most parts of the world. You can however make them even more interesting by dressing them up. This fashion item can glide from casual to business effortlessly. All you have to do is throw on blazer to make the look feel more official. What accessories you chose to pair the clothes with will determine the final look. Throw in watch and a nice pair of shoes and you will look more official. If you wear the t-shirt with a pair of joggers, then you will be going for the full on casual look.

Comfort Is Key

The reason why everyone has t-shirts in their closet is because they are so comfortable to wear. You can wear a white cotton t-shirt on a sunny day and it will absorb all the sweat while allowing you to look good. You can also wear several clothes at home with a t-shirt for comfort.

Look for basics before building up your wardrobe to include other designs such as graphic tees. T-shirts are very versatile items and graphic tees make a fashion statement.