What your Car Colour Might Say About You

Not everyone is overly concerned about the colour of their car, but if you do consider the colour of your car an important aspect in your decision on your car purchase you might be interested to know what your car colour is saying about you. Here are a few fun facts about car colour and the image it is projecting. is a reputable online car portal, specialising in car reviews and pricing of various car models such as 2017 Acura rdx. They’ve seen a thing or two over the years and are pretty good at reading people. The owner believes that you can tell a lot about a person based on the car colour that they decide to go with!


Red is always a popular car colour. Full of pep, warmth and vitality it is a fun colour that demands attention. Some people will associate a red car with a little bit of danger, making you appear like you enjoy risk. You will also come across as an ambitious sort looking for success. It is an emotional colour full of vibrancy and excitement which can be a little unsettling for some people. When it comes to red you will never be perceived as boring that is for certain

Black may appear terribly serious, but it is also very mysterious. That adds a little intrigue to the person driving the car. It is formal and powerful making you look in control and successful. It is important to remember that black is a combination of all colours which could be construed as having al little bit of everything in your personality. However, more than anything black dominates with authority. To some it may even be intimidating. You will appear self assured and completely in control with confidence and sophistication.

White is pure and calming, with a lot of refined dignity and even innocence. Perhaps are first glance it may appear boring, but it is quite vibrant when clean. It is also associated with fussiness and maybe even a little OCD. If you go for white be ready to keep it clean because nothing looks worse than a dirty white car. White is also a little sporty without going over the top giving you a bit of a spunky feel without being too confident.

Silver might seem a little posh, but it is actually associated with trust. Of course it has an aura of luxury making you appear successful and classy. It can also have a sense of purity about it much like white as it is a white metal. You will look confident not prideful and successful, not arrogant. You will also appear prestigious, calm and inspire respect and even admiration.It is a seductive colour that entices with promises of comfort and stability.

Yellow is the epitome of fun full of joy and optimism. It has whimsy, but it is also sporty. It makes people see you as someone with a good sense of humour full of youthful abandon and fun. It is flirty, sexy and full of pep and confidence without the fussiness of other confident colours.


Blue is the coolest colour filled with a tranquil wisdom. You will appear calm and practical with a sense of contentment. Blue is perfect for the person who does not want to stand out and who is happy to live their life quietly and respectfully.