What to do if the mother – in – law gets too involved

Why do parents insist on some of their demands and wishes when their children are getting married? There are many reasons and all of them are wrong. Although the mother-in-law is the one that most often gets involved a lot but this also applies to other family members. Click here if you want to get more info.

As it was said, the reasons may be different. It is difficult for some of the parents to switch from the regime of parenthood to the regime when their child has grown up and only needs to make various choices, as well as those related to the wedding. These are primarily mothers who are deeply emotionally attached to their children. For some parents, but especially women, because men are not so much interested in wedding details, they may be bored. But for some, the wedding is still a big family thing in which everyone should join together.

Anyway, there are simple principles you should stick to in order to avoid stress, conflict of wives and daughters, and the ability to turn everything into family circus. First of all, the wedding should be organized by the bride and the groom but parents hope that their desires will be taken into account. It is quite normal that they have the need to become part of the organization as well as celebrations.

Then, the financial side of the whole story is also a factor for itself. If the mother-in-law is paying for the wedding, you must be more flexible in your choices. Have at least one of their desires, not to hurt them. This also applies in the event that in the future you will largely depend on them or even live with them. It would be wrong for you to break the relationships at the very beginning. This could have a big impact on your choice, and later on your marriage.

If you are a person who freely expresses his or her opinion and attitude, and if the other party is not correct in their desires and intentions and definitely overturns, then pull the line up! But only if there is really no other solution. This can also be true if you are paying for the wedding by yourself. Although it would be right to do at least something important to them, something that is not a problem for you to do.

But since many people cannot express their desires freely, the solution is diplomacy, compromise and delegation. You can make compromises about details: decorations, cakes, menus… So, choose the segments of organizations that are of little importance to you and you will probably not notice that day and delegate decisions to your mother-in-law. She will be happy because you will appreciate it. Compromise applies especially if the groom belongs to other nationality. It would be nice to insert at least some of their customs.