What are the best types of bags for teens?

Teens go through various phases of life. They are in schools and when their teenage is about to end, they begin their college. A teen’s life is happening because of the causal outings, school life, travel trips, parties, and so on. For various occasions, a teen can own different bags.

For example, for casual outings backpacks are a preferable choice. If travel is on the cards, duffle bags can be a suitable option. Similarly, there are different types of bags suitable for teens. Here, we have listed some of them according to the needs and luxury.


Not just teens but backpacks are suitable for everyone. Nowadays, backpacks are used extensively. One of the major reasons for this is convenient usage and sufficient space. You just need to strap it on your shoulders.

Teens are always active and it is not convenient for them to carry handbags. Hence, backpacks are most suitable for them. Moreover, backpacks can be used for schools as well.

Sling Bags

When it comes to girls, sling bag seems to be a must-have accessory. Sling bags look stylish with a casual outfit. So if you are going for shopping or an outing with your friends, elevate your style quotient with a sling bag.

These are available in different sizes, textures, and patterns. The selection depends on the preferences of the buyer.

Transparent Bags

There was a time when people didn’t want to flaunt their belongings in the public. But the trends keep changing. Nowadays, people are more concerned about style statements rather than secrecy. Transparent bags are suitable in this case.

Whether you are going to a gym, shopping, or a picnic; these will serve your purpose. The transparent bags can be a tote bag, mini backpack, hobo, etc.

Mini Backpacks

If you are constantly on a run or if you are a person who forgets his or her belongings frequently, mini backpacks are perfect for you. Compact, convenient, and trendy; you will simply love these than any other bags.

Mini backpacks look amazing with casual outfits. For a formal occasion, leather mini backs will be an ideal option.  

Duffle Bags

Plan short trips with your friends on the weekends and take your belongings in a spacious duffle bag. Duffle bags are convenient if you don’t have too many belongings to stuff.

For sportspersons, a duffel bag is the most preferred option. Teens, who are into sports, they can consider purchasing a duffle bag for themselves.


Talking about girls in their teens, the baguette is meant for you all. If you live a happening lifestyle, going out with your friends, partying on weekends, etc; you should possess a pair of baguettes that match with your outfits.

Baguettes are generally meant for special occasions. But yes, it surely complements your dressing style significantly.


If side carrying bags is your first preference, you can opt for hobos. These bags have been there for a long time. When you are confused about purchasing a bag, you can purchase hobos without any second thoughts from sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Bewakoof, etc. These are multipurpose bags.


Clutches are all-time favorites of girls and young women. Nothing beats the ravishing combination of an elegant dress and a glittering clutch. It is mandatory to own a clutch for the special occasions such as marriages, family functions, birthday parties, and so on.