Ultimate Guide: Choosing and Taking Your tie, With Room For Good Taste

There were still no articles on this subject, and yet choosing well and learning to tie the tie correctly is one of the least intuitive themes of men’s fashion. To summarize, if for some reason your father did not teach you how to choose and match a tie, and to make a pretty bow, you should really learn to do that.

It has become more and more urgent to learn about the subject, especially as the custom neckties returns in casual outfits.

While once a necessity for white-collar work, it is becoming more and more optional as work wear becomes casual. For some, it is tacky even to the benefit of a new type of management younger jean jacket and shirt. 

If it still remains the symbol of the figure of authority, its gradual disappearance could very well end up making it a new way of distinguishing itself and expressing its personality, having been the best symbol of conformity.

Signs of Quality

The best ties most go together with the best quality, and choosing quality like other clothes in fashion is sometimes really hard to do. However we are here to help give you some tips to help you know a good quality tie.

The Materials

To appreciate the touch of a tie, the purists speak of the “hand”: it is especially influenced by the texture, the weight and the touch of a fabric. 

The sewn silk tie is the one that offers the best compromise in terms of hand quality and richness of the pattern.


The tension thread is located at the thinner end of the tie: it is a small loop, which can be pulled to stretch the fabric of the tie, relaxed over time. 

The rear passer ensures the maintenance of the thinnest part of the tie. Hand sewing ensures the best possible support, especially if it has this three points:

  • Sewing the tension thread by hand allows more flexibility and a better fall
  • The seam must fit perfectly on both sides of the tie and connect it to the lining.
  • The stitch is the seam usually located just before opening, where the tension wire is the most fragile. It serves to solidify it.

My Take

Are you a guy and still haven’t worn a tie in your life before? Well am not going to judge you but you are really missing a lot.