Top Fashionable Winter Hat Styles for Women

The winter is a great time to wear a stylish hat, as the right design can not only complement the rest of your wardrobe, but you can also stay warm and comfortable while hiding a bad hair day.

Here are some of the more popular winter hat styles to consider this season or the Kentucky Derby next year.


Veil hats are potentially traditional or unique, pairing with many different hat styles for a look that stands out. For instance, you can wear them with traditional winter felt hats, turbans, wool hats, and even beanies.


A staple of the past, the beret has gone on to rise in popularity over the years. Berets are just as stylish today as they were in the ‘60s, and there are even more designs to refresh your look. You can find berets with quirks such as cat ears, or you can go for a more traditional French look with a black felt beret or a Ralph Lauren Angora beret.


Everybody loves beanies (well, maybe not everybody), and there are many cool options you can wear during the winter for a more casual appearance, whether you want a SpongeBob beanie or one that’s more neutral to complement a casual winter outfit.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are as popular as ever, making for a nice and casual option that’s a little more elegant than the beanie. For a more upscale look, consider an Aspesi hat, but if you want to look more casual yet stylish, choose something more like the plaid Jean Paul Gaultier Vintage Checked bucket hat.

Earmuffs and Ear Warmers

If it’s your ears you’re mostly worried about, you might want to try focusing on covering them with some fashionable or fun earmuffs or ear warmers. Just like hats, these come in all different styles, from elegant to relaxed depending on your wardrobe.


Floppy hats are another attractive option that you can use to complement your winter clothing. These are typically more fashionable and come in a wide range of colors and designs, whether you want to look prim and proper or more relaxed.

Fur hats

These hats can really make you look elegant, and don’t worry about harming an animal in the process—you can choose between real or fake fur for that look you want. So, if you want to spare an animal yet want to don a fleece-lined skull cap hat, you have plenty of options that are either authentic and pricey or synthetic and affordable.

These are simply some of the many different hat options you’ll find when you’re looking for something to keep you warm and looking good. You don’t need to keep your entire head covered to stay comfortable, with more petite hats or even fascinators that give you that perfect look. You’ll find what you’re looking for if you keep an eye out for that perfect hat.