Tips on Finding the Best Glass Beads

Glass beads are like candy decorations; each bead is a masterpiece of molten glass that has cooled. With various colors, textures, styles, sizes and shapes, glass beads present a new dimension to crafters and give a new meaning to beadwork. Glass beads are beautiful, shiny and elegant. They can be used in making handmade jewelry like earing, necklaces, and anklets and can also be used to make rings for engagements and even wedding rings. Finding the best glass beads supplier is important when it comes making good quality glass beads jewelry. However, with several suppliers in the market today, you need to know how to choose the best glass beads. Here are tips on finding the best glass beads:


There are numerous ways of making glass beads. Each and every glass beads supplier or artisan has his or her unique style. It is important to know the major types of glass beads in order to be able to make an informed decision. Here are some of the common glass beads types:

  • Pressed glass

Czech glass beads are the most common type of pressed glass on the market today. A mold is used to create shapes and styles in pressed glass. Various options are available for example flowers, leaves and hearts.

  • Blown

This type of glass beads is hollow and it is created by blowing glass using a tube during the production process. The beads are later molded over fire to give it a distinct shape.

  • Millefiori

This glass bead type is made to have distinctive colors and it is made in the shape of flowers.

  • Lampwork

These are hand crafted glass beads that can have any color, shape or size. The process of making these beads makes them highly customized and they can have bumps or frills.

  • Vintage glass beads

These are antique glass beads. They are popular among crafters and beaders because of their texture, color and finish.  


The appearance of the glass beads means the color, pattern and texture of the beads. Certain beads can be smooth while other can be rough. Depending on what you want to make, ensure that you choose the best beads that meets your taste and preference.


The size of the very important when selecting glass beads for your particular project. There are smaller as well as larger beads. It is important to emphasize that the size of the bead has to be proportional to the overall size of your project.


Many people think that glass is delicate and very fragile. However, most glass beads are sturdy and do not break that easily. There are those that fragile and those that are tough. If the jewelry you want to make will be used on a regular basis, it is vital to go for strong glass beads.

Ensure that you consider all the above factors when choosing glass beads for your project. A good glass beads supplier should be able to give you all the details concerning the various beads he or she has in store.