Tips on fashion trends for these holidays

How many of us get bothered by how they look perhaps in a crowd, in front of their peers or better still during a function? Well, we may have heard people say, “My dress my choice”. But trust you me, it is easier said than done. We all get conscious of our fashions. And this is because we want to be at our best. Right!

The truth is, during any party season, we tend to reveal our wardrobes. And apparently, it is like we get into some sort of competition. Why? Because we want to showcase our latest fashions. And on the other hand we want to be the first to showcase the newest trends. Mmmhh… But what exactly is there to show? After all, fashion trends come and go so fast. But wait, we ought to sneak into the dos and don’ts when it comes to tips on fashion. Remember the holidays are here.

  • Take a step outside your comfort zone and wear something a little more daring

Really! Ohh Yah….Holidays are the perfect time to embrace the fun that comes with fashion. But what does this mean? That you must be daring enough. For example; make a statement at dinner time with a loose fitting at the waist and stomach.

  • It is the season to sparkle – Dare to bare

We would all want to have a glittering look. And you know what, why don’t you take advantage of the ‘open room’ during the holidays? How about incorporating a shimmering look into your holiday look? And are you asking how? Consider the likes of a sequined skirt, a metallic blazer, or a cute, crystal-embellished pair of shoes. And do partial balayage style on your hair, But wait, you must limit your trend lest you turn out to be a competitor of a Christmas tree. Hahh.

  • Try an all-white look

Truth be told! White color is absolutely pleasant. And in addition it speaks volumes about the person. But how many of us have something white at home? Very few. But you know what, it will certainly get you into the holiday mood.

  • Working with separates

How about trying out on Mix and match? Perhaps you are asking, how will it be like? But in reality, it will make your packing much easier. And besides, it will offer you that bit more freedom with your outfit choices especially if you along the way you change your mind about a particular outfit.

  • Don’t forget eye – catching jewelry

Did you the power in the use of jewelry? Mmh…Perhaps you did not. But don’t be afraid to make a statement with that simple look of jewelry. The holidays allow you to wear that gigantic bib necklace or that cocktail ring that’s the size of a doorknob. And huhh. Don’t you forget that pile of an armful of bangles.

  • It’s not time for the denim

You have had your skinny jeans for the last 11 months. And now that the holidays are here, why not try some tapered black trousers or a pair of pants, instead of that common denim. Remember, the holidays are just for a time.

What are we saying with all the above. That holidays are here. So? You should look festive and interesting. And after all these looks are certainly not appropriate for every day.