The Trend of Buying Cloth Has Changed Considerably

Trend of travelling to shops or showrooms and buying clothes are getting out of fashion these days. People don’t go to mall or showrooms as much as they used to do like before. The mall and showrooms are now places to only visit and not buy things, whereas all the big showrooms has online portals to sell their goods. Trends of buying clothes online are what people prefer more these days.

To be precise 79{30e3e2b3e406e37ab1c966042ebc73f647ebc650c6ba5848703c037582471532} Americans now shop online, while 51{30e3e2b3e406e37ab1c966042ebc73f647ebc650c6ba5848703c037582471532} people think that shopping online is the best way whereas 49{30e3e2b3e406e37ab1c966042ebc73f647ebc650c6ba5848703c037582471532} prefer shopping in-store. So it is basically clear that people like to shop online more these days.

What are the reasons for online trends?

An online shopping trend has developed because of the large degree of benefit it offers.

  • Firstly, if you want to buy some cloths, the main reason you would want to buy the thing of your choice, where you are given hundreds of choices and you select what you buy. When you go to a show-room, it can display only a few clothes and you can ask for a few more to be shown to you. They can’t store hundreds and thousands of cloths on their shop. So, you are limited to make a choice to buy what you want. Whereas, online they can display putting up pictures of hundreds and thousands of items they are selling and you are to make a choice from them. So, you can spend hours on watching pictures of what you are going to buy.
  • Secondly, the price of the cloth that you want to buy gets lesser when you buy online. This is because on buying from a show-room, the show-room would be in a commercial area, paying commercial rent, paying commercial electricity rent which also includes running of their air conditioners and billing computers almost every time from when they are open to when they are closed. The shop would be nicely painted and decorated to make it attractive and there are so many other costs including the people who are working there. The business never pays money from their pocket for those expenditures, rather they distribute the price and put them on the retail price of the object they are selling and therefore almost doubling the original price of the product.
  • The other reason is that the cloth is made in the manufacturer unit, then it is packed for distributors, then it is given to regional whole sellers and then to local whole seller who then sells those to the retailer and on a single piece of cloth, everyone of them are making profit. Whereas in online market the cloth from the manufacturer directly goes to the warehouse and from there it is distributed as per the orders online.

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