The guide for shopping for baby prams

Comfort and safety is necessary for babies especially newborn babies and they deserve to have it even when it is not convenient for their mother or guardian as the case may be and also they  do not need to be carried with hands at all time, they can be layed down on baby pram for convenience, comfort and safety.  The baby pram is a carriage mostly consisting of a rectangular body on four wheels with a folding hood and a handler, designed for pushing babies especially when you have to engage the outside world in a convenient state. Baby prams differ from each other to suit your lifestyle, specifications and workaday to ensure safety and comfort for your baby.

Prams have gone through different phase changes just to keep to customer taste, for instance, modern day prams are light in weight compare to previous manufactured ones, and it also comes with more exciting features to enhance the comfort and safety it offers. When shopping for prams is imperative you take cognizance of top rated baby prams which are detailed below:

3 in 1 Travel System Baby Stroller PRAM Child Car Safety Seat

This 3 in 1 travel baby stroller has three important functions which include: common stroller, newly born stroller and child car safety seat, weighing about 12 kg. This type comes with adjustable 5-point safety belts that would ensure baby safety and comfort; it also includes a two-fold canopy to shield your baby from ultraviolet (UV) radiation- which could damage the DNA of skin cells and wheels which could be rotated to 360 degrees or kept straight.

It is designed with a two-key folding to make folding easy without any effort. Other features that made it more fascinating include- adjustable backrest, adjustable handles of car safety, rubber handle to increase friction, convenient parent tray containing two cup holders and covered partitioned space storage, storage basket of large size. It is good to know that this type cannot accommodate a child less than five years old.

Compact Lightweight Baby Stroller Pram

This stroller is the answer to your travel need-very excellent for travel, you can easily carry it through a busy airport and safe keep it in the overhead compartment of the airplane because of it compactness, lightweight- aluminum alloy of about 28 kg and it easy folding- can be folded within seconds even with one hand. The stroller does not heat up even in a blazing sun like the one of Orlando, USA because is well designed with a wide sun shades made of ultraviolet (UV) fabric. It lightweight is not just for easy pick up and putting away in the car but for easy push around, as a matter of fact it goes practically itself. Also lightweight enough to carry along with the baby up and down the stairs.

It includes a multi-position recline seat for a comfortable ride, seat reclines to 170 degrees, and the seat is padded, equipped with a 5-point seat belt which makes it comfortable for children up to 55 lb (6 months to 3 years). It is easy to clean and very simple to put together with about 5 minutes.

This baby pram is very versatile considering the inside box that comes with it, which contains rain cover, belly bar, mosquito net, bottle holder and storage cover.