Come the festive seasons, there is an increased natural desire to gift yourself with a riveting ethnic wear. There are loads of wedding ceremonies coming up and you believe you are lacking in vogue outfits. Don’t think twice but make a smart choice. A birdie tells, long anarkalis suits and Patiala suits should totally be on your wish list.

Long Anarkalis:

Anarkalis are cool and everything but long anarkalis are on a whole another level of goodness. You see them, you want them. Very captivating and incredibly mesmerizing, long anarkalis will tempt you for all the right reasons.

  1. They look extremely high fashion.

The silhouette of a long anarkali is one to die for. It gives a very classy vibe and we are here for it.

  1. Richness on point.

The flares and kalis and pleats touching the floor give it a royal touch and make you want to twirl with happiness.

  1. Heavy and gorgeous:

Rightly so, with all the flare comes all the weight. The weight complements the need of the dress very well though. You see, rich and heavy go together.

  1. Flawless all the way:

Say goodbye to any tiny bit of flaws you find in yourselves. It is perfect for most body shapes and never fails to bring out the best in you. If you are craving godly curves this one is for you.

  1. More is more:

Yes. When it comes to a long, body flattering, floor kissing anarkali, more is more. Pair it with your favourite pair of stilettoes or wedges and adorn you ears with a beautiful pair of stone studded earrings.

  1. Tip:

Go for rich fabrics like silk and divine colors. You could even consider a double layered anarkali. Long or three fourth sleeves would be your best friend and a graceful hair bun decorated with flowers will be a winner.

Patiala Suits:

This attire is sure to grab your attention when you are looking for simplicity and a healthy dose of elegance.  Don’t hesitate. Give it a go! Patiala suits have become a pretty rare sight, it is a standout.

  1. Comfort wear:

Your legs will be happy beings. The bottoms give your legs much required space and are incredibly airy.

  1. Body-licious:

The kameez is body-con and fits your body perfectly. If you desire to show your heavenly curves, this is your best bet.

  1. Charming:

Patiala suits are known for their vibrant, fresh, bright colors. They have a positive impact on your personality and are very appeal to everyone’s eyes.

  1. Neckline game:

The Patiala suit is famous for its U and scoop necklines and why not? They add so much more glory to the beautiful outfit. You could opt for some mirror work around the neckline and the hem to add some bling.

  1. Accessorize it up!

Select the best pair of sandals and be creative with your jewelry. Tie your hair in a high ponytail or let your hair loose and add some plaits to it.

If there is a best dressed awards, it definitely landing in your hands!