Inexpensive & Funky Gift Ideas for Girls

“It’s better to give than to receive.”

Haven’t we all heard this saying at some or the other point in our lives? Although not everyone necessarily agrees, you have to accept the fact that seeing someone’s face light up on unwrapping a present that you got them is a pretty great feeling. Whether you’re giving someone a gift to show gratitude, for an occasion, as a token of love or just getting them something you know they’ve sought to have for a long time, the after effect is the same- It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

As amazing as gifting is, shopping on a budget can be hard sometimes. Striking that balance between inexpensive but not too cheap, cute and handy but not something that doesn’t actually feel like a real gift, you know? The struggle is real!

Well, if you’ve browsed all over the Internet to look for funky gifts in India or funky gifts for girls to no avail, worry no more! Check out these 4 Inexpensive Funky Gift Ideas for Girls:

  1. ‘Genius Ideas’ Journal
    A Journal that is titled ‘ Genius Ideas…and a bunch of other crap’. Need we say more? This comical journal is a great gift for anyone who loves all things sarcastic and funny. Its apt funny title can make anyone break into a smile. Looking for funky notebooks online comes to an end here!

  2. Hair Accessories
    One is never too old for hair accessories, right? You could get your friend a set of cute, colourful rubberbands, hairbands and vibrant clips or barretes! A tiny, adorable set of the most amazing designs of hair accessories will go a long way in helping her keep her hair out of her face while getting things done AND looking great the entire time!

  3. Fluffy Cushion Socks
    Looking for Funky Socks? These super soft Cushion Socks are not only adorable, they also work amazingly well at keeping one’s feet warm and cozy! Plush, comfortable socks never go out of style. Whether it’s your little sister you’d like to find a gift for or even your wife, these luxurious socks are a super sweet gift!

  4. Metal Photo Clips String Set
    This is the perfect gift for anyone who’d love to add a more personal touch to their room. Whether it’s putting up photos with one’s friends, family or maybe pictures from one’s dream destination, this Photo String Set can change the look of any room and is truly a meaningful gift. It also is among the most funky desk accessories!

These are the among the coolest Funky Gifts that you can find online. Now go ahead, make someone smile with a thoughtful gift!

Happy Gifting!