How to Select Handmade Silver Jewellery

Choosing Handmade Silver Jewellery for whatever occasion is easy unlike shopping in the big renowned jewellery stores.This is because the handmade jewellery artisans are known for their work.You will easily get referrals that are worth your time and your search whether physically or on the online community.Once you get to an artisan, how do you get to know what best suits you?

Tips to help you select your Handmade Silver Jewellery

Know exactly what you want or have an idea – Do not look for handmade silver jewellery without a clue of what you want, this will mix up your mind breeding confusion instead of clarity.

  • Do a thorough research – Before you settle on an artisan, do a thorough research and find as many artisans as possible.This will help you choose one who is closer to you that you can visit or that has the best services.
  • Be very particular about the details you want on your jewellery – Listen to the artisan’s advice and carefully specify what exact details you would want in your pieces. Reach an agreement about how the final product shall look before it’s worked on to avoid frustrations.
  • Allow enough time for the artisan to do his/her work – Don’t rush the artisan, it might cost you your gem, directly order early and give enough time to complete it, make sure you agree the time required right from the beginning.
  • Select something that complements you – Know and understand yourself first before you can talk to the artisan.If you are finding it hard to understand yourself, and advice from the artisan would help, don’t shy away from asking.
  • Select your handmade silver jewellery according to the occasion you want to use it for – These jewellery though handmade are made for different occasions, ensure that you consult wisely with the artisan to understand what you need to wear for whatever time you want it for.
  • Be willing to support the tiny businesses Unlike the machine made jewellery, the handmade silver jewellery is made by small scale artisans who mostly work from their home and sell their wares online. They may not display pages of ready finished products because most of what they work on is an order from their clients.Be willing to support such groups knowing that you are getting quality and value for your money.
  • Shop with an open mind – If the jewellery you are selecting is not particularly for an occasion, then talk to the artisan with an open mind and hear what they would advise on.They have been working on these gems for a long time, and they pretty much have a feel for what can be best for you, in instances when you don’t know.


You cannot go wrong with the handmade silver jewellery!There is something for everyone in this unique collection that seeks to complement each person with their distinctive style.Whether bold or shy, the handmade silver jewellery will work for you without fail.