Follow the Leather: A Guide to Buying Leather Journals

A leather journal is often considered a classic for the reason that they look better over time. Also, leather is durable, which is the reason why it is used as the main material in making different fashionable items like wallets, shoes, and bags. Oftentimes, leather journals come with embossing, stitching, and even stones. With the many options available, you may find it a little overwhelming to choose which one to buy. So, here are things to consider when buying leather journals.


#1. Pick the Right Size

You might want to buy a leather journal that would fit into your bag or a journal that you can always bring with you wherever you go. To do so, make sure that you buy a compact size journal that would make it easy for you to carry. Size matters a lot; after all, you would surely not want to squeeze it into your bag. Also, while journals often come in standard sizes, there are stores that offer custom sizing.


#2. Thickness and Tooth

The thickness of the paper used in a leatherjournal should also be considered as it is often associated with the quality of the paper. The better the quality of the paper is, the less likely it will deliver “show through”. This is very important, especially if you are planning to use a fountain pen for your journal. On the other hand, tooth describes the roughness of the paper. You need to know that there are some kinds of paper that require a specific kind of writing instruments just to prevent the ink from bleeding on the page.


#3: Flat

By flat, it only means that your journal should remain flat when open. That way, in case a thought suddenly comes into your mind, you write it down in your journal comfortably immediately even if you are on a bus or taxi or just anywhere. You can simply place it on your lap.


#4: Check the Total Number of Pages


Just because a journal appears to be thick doesn’t necessarily mean that it has many pages. Before buying one, check the product specifications first so that you will have an idea of how many pages the journal exactly has. This will also allow you to determine if it’s enough for its purpose. On the other hand, you should also take note that the more pages a journal has, the heavier and thicker it would be.

#5: Go Leather


You also should not forget to consider the kind of leather used for the journal. You can find journals that are made from synthetic or genuine leather. Of course, the synthetic one is cheaper but the genuine one is better in terms of quality. Genuine leather feels warmer when touched. It can be made from deer, kangaroo, buffalo, ostrich, and lambskin. Therefore, choose one depending on the look and feel that you want.

A journal can be a great gift on birthdays and special occasions, especially if the receiver knows that you’ve given it much thought when buying from online shops like olpr.