Complete Your Winter Look with a Fur Gilet!!

Fur Gilets have been a winter staple for a while now, but a lot of women still have trouble figuring out how to wear them.  They come in all different sorts of furs, from mink to fur faux, and a whole range of styles, meaning there are actually a million different ways to wear the trend.  Two of the trickiest things about the gilet, perhaps, is its lack of sleeves and its rather ‘puffy’ shape.  But, actually, this is the beauty of the gilet.  Its sleeveless style means there are so much more ways to wear it than a fur jacket, and its puffier shape is a perfect element to play with in terms of silhouette.  Here are some of Style cab’s favorite ways to wear a fur gilet and some of the picks from the vast selection of options out there.

Fur (real or faux) and wintertime form go as an inseparable unit. All things considered, what’s hotter (and more spectacular) than cuddling into a larger than usual fur gilet? Yet, it’s not long, granny-ish styles that are picking up prevalence among the design swarm – it’s a hide vest everyone’s shaking. Regardless of whether you’re tossing it over a Shirt and pants or you’re layering it under your gilet to keep warm when the temperature dips under solidifying, a hide vest is a brisk approach to spruce up your closet.

What’s more, if genuine hide makes you a little squirmy, don’t stress: False hide options are springing up in retail chains – and even on the runways. Striped, colored and belted, these hide vests are definitely not essential. Here are our most loved hide vests of the season.

Different Winter Look with a Fur Gilet!!

The version on Rosie Huntington-Whitely is perhaps the most classic way to wear a Fur Gilet.  It’s loose, layered, patchwork style is gloriously bohemian and look best layered over a leather jacket with pair of basic jeans and classic flat knee-high boots.

For a more modern look, choose a simpler boxier style with a length that comes to your hipbone.  Pair the gilet with a tight-fit basic long-sleeve tee, sleek pants and a pair of pointy-toe pumps for a look that elongates your figure and counter-balance the puffy nature of a Fur Gilet.

Go for a classic tonal approach.  This look is incredibly chic if kept to all one colour tone.  We particularly like the way it’s done with an all-black outfit.  It’s a look that’s sophisticated and works for both day and night.

Dress it down.  Pair a looser gilet style wit skinny jeans a pair of beat-up biker boots for a look that’s casual-cool.

Belt it.  If you’re still unsatisfied with its puffy shape, simply add a belt.  Gilets look very elegant with a basic belt at the waist.

With a LBD.  For a look that adds instant glam, pair your fur gilet over an LBD on a night out.  It’s a little but 70’s and a lot of glamour!

Go oversized.  The gilet looks great in an oversized cut.  Work with its natural volume, not against it!  Pair an oversized Fur Gilet with tailored, classic pieces to avoid looking too bulky overall.