Choose clothes that suits

Clothes worn by a person shows different attributes of personality. Clothes may vary from categories, designs, culture, colours and on many other basis but the thing that matters the most is fabric of the cloth. If the design of the dress is very good but the fabric used is not so good then over all look may not satisfy the wearer. But if the design of the dress is kept mediocre but the fabric used is of very good quality then the dress is considered fabulous. So now it is clear that fabric of the dress is the main attribute in its beauty. Currently in the fashion world there are tons of fabrics which are used for making dresses but all know that when it comes to choose the best fabric then linen dresses is considered as the best.


Fabrics are available in many qualities and some of which are mentioned in the list:

  • Cotton: Cotton is considered to be very comfortable and it is highly used making dresses. Along with luxury and comfort best thing about cotton is that it can be used for wide variety of dresses and styles. Cotton is generally very light, cool and easy to wear and is very cost effective as well.
  • Linen: Linen is not only a luxurious fabric, it is way beyond that. Linen is considered royal from a very long time. Linen Dresses are very light, comfortable and are also counted among organic dresses. Though Linen is very expensive but still it is used widely.
  • Silk: Silk is among the most desired fabric. Many fashion designers generally opt this fabric for their dress because it can be easily mend according to the designs.. Silk clothes are very common during weddings and festive seasons and these dresses are also used in many fashion shows too.
  • Velvet: Velvet is a very well-known fabric which can be seen in many parties or functions. Velvet is also considered good because it provides a royal touch. However, velvet clothes can only be used in cold seasons as velvet is taken among the warm fabrics.

Till now we have wandered through various fabrics used in today’s fashion fraternity but if you have some background knowledge of the fabric’s history then you may have heard that ancient kings and Pharaoh’s of Egypt used Linen as the fabric for their dresses. Linen is an organic fabric and is occurred naturally. Organic clothes are in high demand today and so is Linen.