Best Ways to Plan The Perfect Wedding

If you’re getting ready for that special day, it’s important to make sure you plan accordingly. Here are some ways to plan the ideal wedding, from selecting the venue to completing the guest list.

1. Begin Planning Early

Even if your wedding date is two years out, you can start planning right away. The sooner you prepare, the easier your time will be when the day finally arrives. You’ll be able to stay on top of everything and avoid the inconveniences that might otherwise arise. Also, you should decide early if you want a theme, such as a vintage wedding.

2. Determine the Budget

Avoid spending anything until you’ve set a budget that you won’t likely go over. The budget should account for every minute detail, including additional expenses such as dress alterations, beauty expenses, and gifts, as these can all add up quickly.

3. Get Some Help

While it may be your big day, your friends and family will likely be willing to give you the help you need throughout the planning process. By getting help from these individuals, you’re likely to be more open when you feel like things aren’t quite working out the way you want.

4. Be Selective When Writing the Guest List

Putting together the guest list is an important step to take care of early on, which can help you avoid any unwanted surprises. Costs per head will likely be the most expensive element of the wedding, so try not to invite people you don’t want there. This may be the most difficult decision when planning your wedding, but your fiance can always help.

5. Avoid Long Distance Weddings

Even if you don’t really like where you live, or want to have your wedding where you grew up, try to avoid selecting a venue that’s too far away from the people you invite, or you may only find a small number of people turning up. If you’re holding your wedding abroad, you shouldn’t expect everyone to make it.

6. Take Care in Your Bridesmaid Selections

Bridesmaids will be the biggest source of support throughout the wedding, which makes it important for you to choose them wisely. While you may be tempted to choose friends you’ve recently made, you should instead choose close family or those long-term friends you know you can trust. You’ll want to be able to look back at those pictures and feel like your bridesmaids are still with you.

7. Choose a Good Photographer

Your wedding album is how you’ll forever capture those memories of the big day. This is why selecting a good photographer is necessary. Do your research and find someone who can give you what you want. Engagement photos are a great way to determine if the photographer has the skills you’re looking for while also giving you a chance to work on your poses.

With these tips in mind, you can plan the perfect wedding for you and your beau, giving you a combination of less stress and great memories.