Adding Something Different To The Conventional Engagement Rings

When you think about engagement rings, you always have a conventional design in your head. The ring has to be on white gold or platinum base and with diamonds as the rightful gem. The diamond needs to be pure white in color and you have the liberty to choose either one big diamond in the middle or even go for the smaller diamond pieces to create a fascinating result. But, you can something try to choose engagement rings, which are a bit different from the traditional ones, and that will add more beauty to your choice for sure. Online stores have some incredible options too for you to try out.

Introducing the black diamond:

Just because it is for engagement that does not mean that diamonds only have to be in white. Black colored diamonds have a class of their own, which can enhance the value of engagement ring to another new level. So, the next time you are trying to get hands on engagement rings uk, you can try going for the one with black gem studded on it. This might help you big time and you can always get help of the best team for that impressive result for sure.

For the base:

To go with the black diamond, you can choose a base of rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, platinum or anything else you want. The black diamond will be the centerpiece of the item and should be placed right in the middle. You can leave it that way, or can try choosing smaller diamonds, which are studded, circulating the main black diamond centerpiece. The one with black diamond on yellow gold base has a rich classic taste to it. You can get that down for your lady love and surprise her with the best proposal ever.