5 Expert-Approved Tips In Choosing Your Bridesmaid

Believe it or not, the moment you announce your engagement with soon-to-be-lifetime-buddy is the same time where requests/messages come in. ‘So, who’s your lucky bridesmaid?’, ‘Don’t forget me!’ These are some of things you can hear from your hopefuls.

Stop torturing yourself and read these tips on how you can choose the right bridesmaid for your special day:

Narrow down your options.

There’s a recent research, which proved that an average American got 4.39 bridesmaid. Considerably, this statistic is too small when compared to your network of close friends, bets friends, cousins, and future sister-in-laws. Do you want to pick your newer best girlfriend or the one who’s been in your life for quite some time?

Start listing people that you’d like to consider. Then, make a simple note of people you really need to include (like immediate family). After that, look again on the remaining names. Who among them can make you the happiest bride on Earth? Who do you think can happily help you with your bachelorette party or would be thrilled to wear a halter bridesmaid dress?

By that, you can surely make up your mind.

Say no to your friend respectfully.

Picture out that a friend assumes falsely that she will be a member of the bridesmaid ranks? How will you respond on that?

You have to empathize. For example, as per Deborah Anderson, a certified relationship expert and psychologist, ask for an apology. “I am really sorry. I know you’re quite disappointed or hurt. I wish I could make you one of the bridesmaids, however, I had to make tough decision.”

On the other hand, when you are already expecting that she’ll be hurt deeply and still like her to be part of your wedding day, then reduce her disappointment through recommended immediately a task to so she can join your special event.

You can simply ask her to serve as a pretty usher or a reader of something during your wedding. For some instances, you can also widen the circle for events designed traditionally and exclusively for bridesmaid such as bachelorette party.

You’re not obliged to return the invitation.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that because you were invited before on someone else’s wedding, you are obliged to have her in your day. It does not go that way. It is not like a dinner party invitation where you need to return the favors.

More is not always good.

Keep this in mind, getting more bridesmaids means more complication. Why? It’s because you need to ask more people’s approval on dress, accessories and other joys of the event. Moreover, if you were in a tight budget, it would be too expensive too to pay for their bouquets if you’ll get dozens of bridesmaids.

Talk To Your Parents, Fiancée And Close Relatives For Their Expectations.

It is not your choice only. It must be anyone choice. However, just like other wedding-related things, it’s not easy. Say for instance, in including family members in your party, it’s essential that you’ll ask your close family and parents about it so you’ll be clear with their expectations. While you’re not close with your second cousin, you need to take into account the potential damage it may cause if you’ll not include her.

Don’t forget the feelings of your fiancée. If you he has bad blood on one of the chosen bridesmaid, prioritize first your husband and downsize temporarily her role.

With the above-mentioned tips from Bridesmaids Only, rest assured that you’ll be creating the best day of your life along you’re your A-team.