3 Ways Sunglasses Are like Car Keys

At some point in the not so distant past, we crossed a line at which sunglasses became more of a fashion statement than a means of protecting the eyes. A greater awareness of personal wellness is pulling us back across that line, but we are going begrudgingly. We know that UV protection is more important than style, but how many of us still buy fashion sunglasses based on what they look like?

Getting our collective head screwed back on straight means stepping back and looking at sunglasses in a more practical light. One way to do that is to compare sunglasses to some other item that has similar properties. For this article, that other item is the standard set of car keys. Believe it or not, sunglasses and car keys have a lot in common. You just have to know where to look.

1. Both Are Easy to Lose

How many times have you run around the house in the morning looking for your car keys? You cannot leave for work without them, but every minute you cannot find them is another minute closer to being late. The last thing you want is your boss breathing down your neck because, yet again, the ability to keep track of something as functional as car keys seems to escape you.

Sunglasses are just as troublesome. Unless you are so obsessive about your sunglasses that you constantly carry them around your neck with a granny strap, you have lost at least a pair or two in your lifetime. It is almost like your sunglasses and car keys are in collusion. They plot for ways they can conveniently get lost, then sit back and watch you lose your mind.

2. Both Get Locked in the Car

Imagine this scenario: after trudging through the parking lot and making your way down 200 yards of boardwalk to the beach, you are ready to claim your plot of sand when you suddenly realize you left your sunglasses in the car. Annoyance turns to panic when you discover you cannot find your car keys either. Guess what? Both are locked in that hot car that now seems like it’s miles away. Looks like you’ll be calling a tow truck or the local police department to get into your car with that little slim jim thing you’ve seen on TV.

On the bright side (no pun intended) you would not have known you locked your keys in the car had you not left your sunglasses in the console. We know, that’s little consolation at this point.

3. Both Reflect Who You Are

The most important thing sunglasses and car keys have in common is that they reflect who you are. Consider this: have you ever seen someone sporting a $500 pair of designer sunglasses driving a beat up, rusted out ’72 Volkswagen Beetle? Probably not. By the same token, you don’t expect someone who can afford a top-of-the-line Bugatti to be driving around with a pair of $10 drugstore sunglasses stuck to his head.

Olympic Eyewear is a Salt Lake City, Utah company that designs multiple lines of designer sunglasses for both men and women. Their current selection of brands now exceeds two dozen. Why so many? Because people are so different in so many ways.

When you peel away the veneer of fashion and style, sunglasses become a very personal item subject to any number of preferences. Some people buy based solely on price; others are equally concerned about durability. But when all is said and done, the most important thing is eye protection.